"The future belongs to those of us

still willing to work with our hands."

-M. Sebacher

Our Mission

The AHG is a school dedicated to the teaching and preservation of the traditional arts in the Newnan-Coweta area.

Our Values

Our school is created to:
  • Serve as a high-quality, educationally focused resource for all members of the community without regard to individual differences, identities, affiliations or limitations.

  • Develop and promote the work of local artisans and students through organized events, publicity initiatives, and by providing accessible equipment, materials, space and expertise.

  • Emphasize the historical aspects that have come to define all the various the arts to evoke a sense of respect for the contributions of past artisans.

  • Foster inspiration by promoting interaction and collaboration among the various art forms and among individual artists.

  • Promote the significant social, psychological, and emotional benefits which result from the active pursuit of learning and expression through the arts.

"Under One Roof"

 Our Vision

Currently, our school is decentralized which means that our Artist-members are teaching from their personal studio spaces.
Consolidating and centralizing the school into one comprehensive space is our BIG goal!
It will allow us to:
  • Serve at the premier teaching center for traditional arts and craftsmanship in Newnan-Coweta and in all of Georgia. 

  • Develop, collect, and maintain quality tools and equipment so that students can learn proper, consistent techniques and strategies across disciplines. 

  • Emphasize the urgent need for skilled artist and craft people in the market and to develop these students into people who not only have skills, but can represent themselves and navigate the business side of making art.

  • Foster increased awareness and value for the traditional arts and artists within the community and to see traditional arts prosper!

  • Promote events and opportunities for artists to showcase their work, increase their customer base, and reach the community with the importance of keeping the traditional arts alive!

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